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Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Wizarding School of the Scandinavian region. You have travelled far to make it to this sacred place, and the entire faculty commends you for your success.

Now is the time to find your house. Choose your answers wisely; your house is with you for all time. Place your hand on the staff before you, and left its knowing hand guide you to your fate.

Created by: Headmistress
  1. Before you lay four stones, each with a runic carving of one of the fours elements. Which stone would you choose?
  2. You are sent of to fight for a worthy cause, in an awesome battle against those threatening your home. But, just what is it you find yourself fight for?
  3. The expansion of the mind is why one attends a school. Given the chance to read or control the minds of others, what would you choose?
  4. Before you stands a mighty door, the door that would unlock your destiny. All that remains is the key you hold in your hand. What does this key look like?
  5. Say, from the time of your birth, you had mastered a strange, and special ability. If you could choose it, what would this ability be?
  6. The purity of the blood of a Ví¶lva is of great debate in our world. What is your stance on the subject?
  7. What time of day fills your soul with the most energy?
  8. All things must come to an end. When you meet your's, what you prefer done with your corpse?
  9. The children are our future, as you once and perhaps still are. What is the most important thing you would like to be passed on to the next generation?
  10. Before you is a compass, able to point in only two directions. What direction do you read?
  11. At the end of a great hall are a pair of staircases; one that ascends and another that descends. Which do you take?

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