Sorting Hat Quiz (Not Pottermore but Just As Accurate)

Hello, my friends, I'm the Sorting Hat. I'll tell you where you belong and that The Houses, made by Founders Four, Will be your place forevermore. Gryffindor prized the exceptionally brave And whom their courage always gave. Their daring, nerve, and chivalry Caused them to in his House be. For Ravenclaw, those who were the best Were more intelligent than the rest. Those students' creativity and wit Made them stand out and in her House fit. Slytherin chose the resourceful and sly; Those who dreamed and aimed their goals high. The ambitious and cunning were those he adored They went into his House and there their skills soared. Hufflepuff loved all that came through, Especially those who were loyal and true. The hard-working, kind, happy, and just Went into her House as they really must.

The rules still apply, though the Founders are gone. You must, my dear students, put me right on. I'll tell you in which House you should go And I've never been wrong before, you know. *NOTE* Please, answer truthfully. The Sorting Hat's decision is final, and we wouldn't want you in the wrong House.

Created by: Seth Selwyn
  1. Someone has insulted you deeply. You...
  2. Which subject do you most want to study at Hogwarts?
  3. You wake up to find yourself in a room with no windows. However, it has four doors on different walls. Which door do you choose?
  4. What job would you most want to have?
  5. You have your favorite class next, but the professor has just slipped and hurt their arm. They have to go to the hospital wing, which means that class is over early and you can do whatever you'd like (within reason). You...
  6. You are walking on the Hogwarts grounds when you are suddenly attacked by a swarm of Cornish pixies. You...
  7. The "mean guy/girl" at Hogwarts confronts you and wants to fight. You...
  8. There is a Hogsmeade trip coming up, the first one of the year! What do you do first?
  9. You are almost late for class, and you are taking the shortest route. Someone stops you and your friend and tells you that Peeves is up ahead, waiting to drop a water balloon on the first person who goes past. You...
  10. You are walking through the forest when you suddenly fall through the ground into some kind of ruins. There are four arched doorways. Which do you choose?

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