Which Hogwarts House Do I Belong In?

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Welcome, witches and wizards! GREAT Merlin's beard there are an awful lot of new faces, please be seated until we call your name. The sorting ceremony will begin NOW!!

See which house the Sorting Hat places you in. Will it be the brave Gryffindor House? The cunning Slytherin House? Will you be a creative Ravenclaw, or a loyal HUFFLEPUFF?? Find out now!!!

Created by: Tabitha

  1. How would you like to be known in History?
  2. Four Goblets are placed before you, which do you choose to drink?
  3. You've stumbled upon an old book with the words "property of the half blood prince" what do you do?
  4. Once every century, the Flutterby bush produces flowers that adapt their scent to attract the unwary. If it lured you, it would smell of:
  5. Would you rather be
  6. Which is your favorite Professor at Hogwarts
  7. Which path tempts you most?
  8. A muggle confronts you and asks if you are a wizard, you....
  9. Which class are you most looking forward to this year??
  10. Which death bothered you most?
  11. If you could have any power which would you choose?
  12. Whan you die what is it you want to be known for?
  13. Which of these would you enjoy studying
  14. Would you rather
  15. Which shop are you likely to frequent
  16. Which is your wand hand?
  17. Which animal do you take to Hogwarts with you?
  18. You've created a potion, what is it used for
  19. You've snuck out with the invisibility cloak, where are you heading?
  20. Black or White
  21. Heads or Tails
  22. You and your friends are strolling through the forbidden forest when you stumble across.two death eaters arguing about "who is more powerful" after listening to make sure you're still unnoticed, what do you do?
  23. (Doesn't count toward actual poll) If given the choice, which house would you choose?
  24. Which object would you make as you Horcrux

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