Which Hogwarts House do you belong in?

Although there are many different Sorting Hat quizzes circulating the internet, this one is truly unique in the fact that it assesses many different aspects of your personality through subtle personal preferences. Many quizzes are quite obvious in which answer provides points towards which outcome, but this one is really rather subtle. Also, try to be completely honest in this one. Just because you chose Snape as your favorite professor doesn't necessarily mean that'll count 100% towards going into Slytherin! (Oh yes, and please remember -- each house has produced noble witches and wizards -- being in Slytherin isn't necessarily a /bad/ thing!)

Do you have the daring, nerve, and chivalry to be a Gryffindor? The intellect, caution, caring, and quiet wisdom of a Ravenclaw? Or perhaps you're hardworking, steadfast, and patient in working towards your goals, like a Hufflepuff? Maybe you'll find yourself in Slytherin, where the cunning, quiet, and multi-talented belong? Be honest, and beware-- this quiz is not what it seems!

Created by: Luna
  1. You just got detention with Professor Snape for a crime you didn't commit. As you walk into his office, he is wearing a nasty smile. Your reaction is...?
  2. Say you got into detention with Professor Snape for a crime you /did/ commit. Snape is still wearing that nasty smile. What is your reaction then?
  3. You walk into Potions class. There are directions to making 5 different kinds of potions on the board. Of these five, you choose to make...
  4. You are starting on advanced transfiguration. Professor McGonagall hands you each a small feather, and tells you to Transfigure it into a bird -- any bird. What kind of bird do you turn it into?
  5. Hogwarts is talking about making a new House. Who would you elect to be representative of the new house?
  6. You walk into Herbology class, and the first thing you see is that there are a variety of plants on a long table. Professor Sprout instructs you to go take a plant of your choice. What do you take?
  7. The full moon is out tonight. What do you see/hear/feel/smell/do?
  8. You are allowed to repaint your house dormitory anyway you wish. What kind of color scheme do you choose?
  9. You enter the Room of Requirement. What is in it?
  10. You are sitting alone in the Forbidden Forest. Suddenly, you hear a movement in the bushes. The creature that comes out is a---
  11. Let's say you developed a crush on a teacher. What would you do?
  12. You are on a Valentine's Day's date with a really attractive person. Where in Hogsmeade do you go?
  13. You are a prefect and get to use the Prefect's bathroom! However, today, you are only allowed to use one type of the special effect taps. Which type do you use?
  14. If you won an award for Special Services to the school... what might it have been for?
  15. If you got expelled from Hogwarts, what would it have been for?
  16. Dumbledore has been murdered! Voldemort is at large! Death Eaters swarm the streets! What actions do you take?
  17. A dementor is attacking you, and you start to lose consciousness when a large, silver patronus charges the dementor down. You look up -- what shape does the Patronus have?
  18. You have got 1000 Galleons! You rush off to Quality Quidditch Supplies to buy a broomstick. What do you buy?
  19. You walk into Eeylops Owl Emporium. Which bird catches your eye immediately?
  20. When you were attending muggle school, which subject were you best at?
  21. *sigh* Neville has lost his toad AGAIN... he's just frantic now. Luckily, you have spotted his pet lurking near the bathrooms on the 3rd floor. What do you do now?
  22. ~Career's Advice~ What would you want to be when you grow up?
  23. You have just received a Christmas present from -- well, well, well! Surprise, surprise! Professor Snape, of all people! What's inside?
  24. Which house do you want to go into most? (This does not necessarily mean you /will/ go into that house, but it will be taken into account)
  25. Finally, which house do you NOT want to go into? (Again, this doesn't necessarily mean you won't go into that house, but your opinion will be taken into account)

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Quiz topic: Which Hogwarts House do I belong in?