Harry Potter Sorting

Their fare many Harry Potter fans, and only wizards and witches actually go to Hogwarts and go in houses. They get to have all the fun in becoming great witches or wizards.

I'm giving you the opportunity of your dreams! You can get sorted! Sit back, relax, and let your personality flood over you! Imagine you are taking the Hogwarts express, you arrive at Hogwarts, and before you know it, it's your turn for sorting! You will find out where your future lies, and where you truly belong. You sit down on the stool and wait for the sorting hat to tell you which house you'll go in. He says... ''Let's get started and get sorted! Good luck!''

Created by: sophia paver
  1. Which candy would you grab off the trolley?
  2. Who would you choose as a friend?
  3. What is the core of your wand?
  4. Which spell would you cast?
  5. Pick a color.
  6. Choose an enemy.
  7. Pick a creature.
  8. Which death most pained you.
  9. Which badge would you wear?
  10. Pick a godfather.
  11. Which house do you think you'll be in?
  12. (one more question) What do you most value yourself as?

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