What job would you have in Harry Potter?

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For all Harry Potter fans! As you progressed through the series, no doubt you came across many grown witches and wizards. This quiz will tell you which one of them you work with!

There are six options. These options include Auror, Quidditch player, professor, Minister of Magic, dragon keeper, obliviator, and wand maker. The questions both question your instinctive choices, and your preferences.

Created by: Kev
  1. Which is most important?
  2. What is your Hogwarts house?
  3. Lets say you got detention, and had to do it with your least favorite teacher. Who is the teacher?
  4. What would be the worst detention activity to do?
  5. Who is the best in the golden trio?
  6. Which spell would you rather NOT face?
  7. Who is best?
  8. Is Voldemort or Tom Riddle better?
  9. Do dark wizards deserve trial, or simply azkaban?
  10. What is your quidditch position?
  11. What is your favorite subject in muggle life?
  12. Do you prefer an office job or a job in the field?
  13. Do you like to try new things?
  14. Last of all, what job do you want?

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