2:16 in the Morning p.2

What you've been waiting for. Part 2 of 2:16 in the Morning. Thanks for coming to take it. I hope you enjoy. Take the quiz and a new guys in this one.

It's about Anna Smith and her group of friends in the story of Dr.Richards with some twists and turns in the middle of the series. Good luck and see your answer.

Created by: chaz55
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  1. You wake up (it's not a dream this time) in the same room you dreamed about.
  2. The door opens and the hooligans walk in. They grab you and bring you to their master. You see the other guys tied up.
  3. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy who looks about 20 years old crashes through the window. The glass knocks the hooligans out and they're unconscious. The enemy flees before anything happens. "Hi, I'm Andrew." he says.
  4. "So what power do you have?" you ask. "Oh," Stephano interrupts, "He has the power of shape shift."
  5. The next day you're woken up by Zach. "Wake up!" he says, "Dr. Richards knows where we are hiding!" "Who's Dr. Richards?" "The guy with the gun." "You're kidding!" "C'mon, let's go!" You're as tired as ever and you need to get going. Zach jumps out the window. "Out the window?" you scream. "Or use the door!"
  6. The next day you're standing in front of a door. "Watch this." said Dylan. The door opened and he walked in and fell in a hole.
  7. "C'mon guys, jump in!" Stephano went first, then Roger, then Andrew, then you, then Zach. When Roger fell in, he landed on his leg. He screamed in pain. "Don't move," Zach told him, "Watch this, Anna." He healed Roger and his leg.
  8. "C'mon Anna," Roger said, "I'll give you a tour." After the tour, Roger takes you close and kisses you on the cheek.
  9. You wake up in the middle of the night. You look at your watch and it's 2:16. You try to go back to sleep but you hear a sound.
  10. You walk to Roger's room and he's sound asleep. You go to Zach's room and he's gone. When you get to Stephano's room, you can't believe your eyes.

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