2:16 in the Morning p.3

PART 4 COMING SOON. Thank you for taking this quiz. This part isn't that great but you'll see next time that it will turn all upside down since you (Anna) joined.

Take the quiz and see what happens. I hope you enjoy this quiz because

Created by: chaz55
  1. You walk into Stephano's room to see Zach and Andrew calming down Stephano. He has turned into a werewolf. You can see a big scar across Zach's face and him holding it tight.
  2. "It just hurts me so much!" Stephano said. Out of the glimpse of his eye, Andrew sees you and leaves the room. "Hi" he says. "Hey. What happened to Stephano?" "It's a long story. What are you doing awake?" "I heard something!" Then you hear a noise. You and Andrew run into the room with Stephano and Zach. Stephano is on top of Zach who is now scarred up. "Take him to the hospital." You dial the ambulance and when you get there they ask you what happened. You:
  3. "I'm afraid he might not be ok." You:
  4. You walk into the hospital room alone. No ones there. You:
  5. You go to the hideout crying. The hideout is deserted until you see Stephano on the ground shivering and gasping. You need to take him to the hospital too. You:
  6. When you get to the hospital, you find out that Zach is going to be ok.
  7. and that Stephano might not be ...
  8. A few days later you get to the hideout (you, Zach, Dylan, Andrew and Roger because Stephano's still in the hospital) and ask Andrew for the real story.
  9. Before Andrew can say a word, you hear the door slam!
  10. Stephano comes into the room and lunges at Roger. As Roger falls to the ground, very hurt he ...

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