2:16 in the Morning p.4

PART 5 COMING SOON. Thank you for taking this quiz. This part isn't that great but you'll see next time that it will turn all upside down since you (Anna) joined.

Take the quiz and see what happens. I hope you enjoy this quiz and there will be new people and surprising twists all coming in the next 3-5 parts. Enjoy!

Created by: chaz55

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  1. Part 4 everybody! * Now I have been reading your comments and you say you want the quizzes to be longer so they will be 16-20 questions from now on.
  2. Started bleeding. "Come," Dylan said, "You don't want to see this. I'm sure Andrew and Zach will calm him down.
  3. Dylan puts you to bed and you fall asleep.
  4. You dream about the house again and Dr.Richards. Him and his big brown eyes and his bushy brown hair. You look to your right and the 4 boys are there except for Roger.
  5. "Roger is GONE!"
  6. You wake up and go to the living room of the hideout. You see Zach, Andrew and Dylan screaming at Stephano at the top of their lungs (how didn't you wake up sooner?).
  7. "You know what!" you hear Dylan shout, "you're banned!" "What's going on here?" you shout. "Look, Anna, this isn't the time." "Yes it is, what happened?"
  8. "Well this is great. We need 5 member on our team and now we only have 3." interrupted Zach. "What do you mean 3? I heard Stephano is being banned but what happened to Roger?" "Sadly," began Dylan "Stephano killed him yesterday!" " I didn't mean to." said Stephano. "Get out!" screamed Zach.
  9. "How are we going to get 2 new guys in 3 days?"
  10. Then Zach said " What about Jordan? He's a werewolf, isn't he?
  11. "Sure! I don't see why not!" exclaimed Andrew. "Yeah" said Dylan, "give him a call."
  12. Then everything goes silent. Then it hits you. Your friend Roger ... Is dead!
  13. The front door opened. It was Stephano. You forgot he left. "If I'm not on your team, I'm joining Dr.Richard's team!!" he exclaims and slams the door behind him.
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!! See you next time!!

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