Hogwarts: The Missing Riddle part 4

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Created by: MissingRiddle23

  1. You closed your eyes and turned out the dim light. Hermione was already asleep, breathing softly. You sighed in content, not expecting the nightmare that would arrive in mere minutes. You closed your eyes lightly and quickly fell asleep......
  2. First there was darkness. Then, an old electric light flickered on. A woman picked you up out of a purple crib and ran to the door. You sucked on your thumb and babbled happily, except the woman as afraid. She screamed and backed into the room, clutching you so that you couldn't see the beast cornering her. "Agatha..." a voice hissed,I'm sorry it had to be like this." "NO!!!" she screamed. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" there was a bright green light. You looked up and saw the woman on the floor, staring at you with her lifless hazel eyes. You burst into tears and looked up at the monster. I was a pale man that had nostrils and no nose on his face. He smiled and said,"Goodbye, my darling," there was a green light and everything went black. The last thing you heard was,"No! Not again!"
  3. You woke immediatly and sat up panting. You were drenched in sweat. That wasn't the worst of it. Your scar suddeny stung with pain, throbbing so much you clutched it and let out a small shriek of pain. Hermione immediatly woke up. She saw you cold, wet and in pain. "I'm getting Proffesor Mcgonnagal!" she whispered. She bolted out out of the room. You gulped for air and tried to calm down. This never happened before. You have never felt this much pain in your life. Proffesor Mcgonnagal rushed in and helped you out of your bed. She whiped up some of your sweat with a cool towel. "Everything will be all right. Just come with me and you will be fine." she said, but her voice had a pinch of fear. She led you into the common room and out of the Gryffindor tower. People in bath robes had gathered and were whispering in the common room. "Of the way! Out of the way!" Proffesor Mcgonnagal said loudly. You felt eyes on you, but was too distracted by the pain of your scar. "Why is her forehead glowing?" you heared some one ask. "That has an answer I cannot tell you for Emeralds safety..." Proffesor Mcgonnagal replied. She pushed you out to the hall. The fat lady looked down at you with worry. "Will she be all right?" "I honestly do not know..."
  4. "Albus!!" Proffesor Mcgonnagal exclaimed,"What should we do?" You heared footsteps aproach. There were definetly more that one person approaching. Another voice said,We should get her to the hospital wing. We decided what to do when we get there," they seemed to agree. A pair of strong arms picked you up. A male voice whispered in your ear,"It'll be all right. I promise." You started to lose consciousness. The last thing you remembered was the smell of chocolate and a comforting voice.
  5. You woke up in a warm white bed. The room was lit soley from the large windows.
  6. You sat up and groaned. You reached up to touch your still tingling scar. You became confused one you laid your hand on it. It felt different as if it had changed shape. But that's impossible! you thought. A woman in a light blue dress walked in with your robes. She looked at you and jumped. "Oh! I didn't know that you were awake! Here. Put these on and we will discuss how you will adapt to aslight adjustment in your schedule." she said in a hurry. She handed you your robes and left before you could ask any questions. You shrugged and slipped into your robes. You found a mirror on thedresser next to your bed and began to straighten out your messy hair. Your hair wasn't covering your scar. You went to fix it, but almost fainted when you saw your scar. It had turned into a golden dove. (the scratch marks were golden)
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