Hogwarts: The Missing Riddle part 3

Hello! Part three already! Iwould like to thand Redrose2 and agentmotherboard for commenting and asking me to write more.Thank you guys! Love ya'll so much! :@

I also want to say that some of the stuff in the second part was really random. I had a lot of sugar yesterday when I made it... so yeah. I get random instead of hyper. It's really weird...

Created by: MissingRiddle23
  1. You calmed down and buried your anger. You started to panic slightly. You have been getting irritated more easily. It just wasn't like you. Then you paniced even more because you had no idea where the Griffindor common room was. As you turned a corner, you sighed in relief. Standing in front of you was Hermione. She smiled and said,"Guess what! We're room mates! C'mon!" she grabbed your wrist. She pulled you through crowds of people. "Hermione! Slow down! It's not like we're late or something!" you laughed, not caring that people stared as you zoomed past. You were overjoyed that you were actually having fun with someone your age.
  2. She slowed down to a walk and muttered,"sorry... I'm just really excited!" You smiled at her and said,"It's fine! I-I'm just not used to having friends" you trailed off. Hermione froze and stared at you. She wore an expression of shock. "What?" you asked. Was it something I said? you thought. She grew slightly paler and continued walking. "Hermione... what's wrong?" you asked again. She sighed and looked deep into your eyes. Her face turned into sympathy. She must have seen pain in them. She pulled you into a hug and whispered,"I'm sorry.."
  3. "For what?" you asked, confused. She pulled back and smiled at you sadly. "C'mon, I'll tell you the password when we get there" she said, grabbing your hand. You allowed her to guide you through the moving staircases and trick steps. You stood in frontof a painting with a fat lady on it. She peered down at you and boomed,"Password, please!" "Milkweedness" Hermione said. The painting swung open and revealed a small hallway. You followed Hermione in nervously. The hallway led to a large room with people migling in it. When you walked in, everyone looked up and cheered."Welcome to the Griffindor house!" They exclaimed. Hermione looked at you and you looked back with an expression that said help me. She understood and said,"Em is very tired. We should let her rest!" Everybody slouched said aw. You let Hermione lead you up some steps into a room. There were two beds. You went to the one with your suitcase on it.
  4. You unbuckled it and quickly pulled out your firebolt. You inspected it to make sure it wasn't damaged. Hermione's mouth dropped open. She was about to ask something but you interrupted and said,"Yes. It's a firebolt. I got it the day before yesterday because my nimbus 1900 broke in half on the trip from the U.S. to here." she was wordless. You ignored her and set it on the bed. "You can look at it if you want..." you said as you began searching through your bag. You saw her snatch it and smiled slightly. You frowned as you pulled out picture of your mom. She had long coffee brown hair that had curls at the end, like yours. She was holding a little girl hugging her red purse. You blinked back tears as you were reminded of your only memory of her. You shuddered and placed it in the drawer next to your bed, it was faced down. Then you pulled out a purple pen and a black notebook. Your diary. You placed it next to the picture and shut the drawer. Hermione glanced at you as you stood. "We have the same secdule, so..." "I'll show you how I ride the firebolt during free period? I will!" Hermione squealed and said thank you. She paused and asked,"Ron and Harry can watch too, right?" "Of couse! Why wouldn't they!" you replied smiling. "I think I can go down to the common room, even if they want to party. I think I can handle it. Hopefully..." you add,"Also, I want to meet new people!" Hermione smiled and said,"C'mon then!"
  5. You quickly brushed you hair and put it in a pony tail in a way that your scar wouldn't show. You followed Hermione down to the common room. Someone saw you and shouted yay! We can party! with a few others. Everybody turned and cheered. You were picked up by two twins that looked sort of like Ron. They carried you to a loveseat and sat down placing you between them. You squirmed uncomfortably as people laughed around you. "I'm Fred" the twin on your left saids "and I'm George. That chump over there is our brother Ron" he said, gesturingin Ron's direction. You laughed and said,"Well, I wouldn't call him a chump, but you two probably know better than I do!" The smiled at you and said,"Oh, you'll see soon enough," Fred said. "If you ever need to make Ron do something, just come to us and we'll show you how!" George said, winking. You blushed slightly when you saw this gesture. He looked deep into your twinkling eyes then left with Fred. You leaned back and smiled slightly. Ron walked up to you and frowned saying,"So you met Fred and George, huh?" You nodded, your eyes still following George. Ron followed your gaze and and said,"Okay, which one are you crushing on?" You blushed and said,"W-What do you mean?"
  6. Ron gave you a knowing look and said,"You were staring at them. I've seen girls staring at them like that and confess that they like one of them." "Okay." you gave in,"I kinda like George" Ron looked confused. "George? Not Fred?" "Yes, George. Why?" "It's just that everybody else likes Fred.." You think and reply,"What's wrong with George? Well, someone has to like him. I guess it's me." Ron looks at you strangley and glanced at George. "I think you're not the only one crushing." You look back at George and he was staring at you. When you made eye contact, you both blushed and looked down. You looked up at Ron and said,"Yeah. I think you're right..." Out of the corner of your eye, you saw one of George's friends say something gesturing towards you. George turned red. The twins and their friend looked at you. You turned your head to face them, looked at George, then looked down and blushed again. "Rm, you two are blushing too much People are whispering!" Ron hissed. He was right."I think I'll sneak to my dorm." you said. You got up and wished a good night to Ron and Harry. You sneaked to the staircase. You walked up a little while then felt a warm hand on your shoulder. You turned and saw George.
  7. You both blushed and there was an awkward silence. "I... um..." George started. "I want to get to know you better." "Me too." you said. He blushed again and so did you. "Are you available in your free period?" "Well," you started,"I was going to try out my new broomstick with Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Maybe you could join us and help me out?" "Do you play quidditch?" George sked excitedly. "Yeah, but I was a beater or keeper. Depended on the year." "Well, I'm a beater! I could give tips on moves!" "Awesome!" you say! See you tomorrow!" you run up the stairs and skip into your room. You change into your PJs and get into you bed grinning. Hermione comes in and closed the door behind her. You sit up and grin at her. "I heard from Ron!" Hermione said. She grinned at you and added,"I think you're on to something!"
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