Riddle Me, Riddle Me

Riddles and tricks have been a part of joking around for ages. Stretching your mind, riddles challenge you to think outside the box and view the riddle in a new way.

How far can YOU stretch your brain? Can YOU think on your feet and be open to new ideas? Is YOUR creativity ready? Find out this second with this all-telling quiz. Riddle me, riddle me, and riddle you, too!

Created by: BrainNerd

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  1. A bear standing on flat ground looks around in a full circle. Every direction he looks is south. What color is the bear?
  2. A king, a queen, and a baby prince lived in an circular castle. One day, the prince was kidnapped from a room where only three people had the key-the butler, the maid, and the cook. When confronted, all made excuses. The butler said that he was dusting the shelves, and sweeping the royal lavatory, which had a huge stain. The maid said that she was arranging the royal garden gnomes in the back so that they would be exactly on the symmetrical line. The cook said that she was making the queen's favorite dinner, chunky tofu with gasoline on top. Which took the baby prince?
  3. What is the best answer in this question?
  4. One fine night, a king and a queen went out for a boat ride. When they got back to the castle, somebody was with them. Who was it?
  5. There is a chessboard. All the pieces are in the starting positions except for a black pawn, which has moved two spaces. Is this possible?
  6. There is an apartment where everything is the opposite color (on the color wheel) of dark green. What color are the stairs?
  7. Two men are facing opposite directions on a ship. One is looking east and one is looking west. The two men can see each others faces. Is this possible?
  8. Five men go into a boat without an umbrella. It rains. Only four get their hair wet. Why?
  9. Answer this riddle; I shine like a dagger Or a diamond tooth in a dragon's maw I grow longer as the cold night comes And shorter in the thaw
  10. I was given to you the day you're born. I'll last you 'till you're dead But rarely will you use me, Many others will instead What am I?
  11. I have space but no room You can enter but not go outside I have keys but no locks I have an I. What am I?
  12. I can only live where there is light, But I die if the light shines on me What am I?
  13. If 8888=8 1232=0 6790=2 What does 1894 equal?
  14. Is it possible for you to have a mouth that still works, and not be able to talk?
  15. The answer to this riddle Has a hole in the middle And some have been known to fall in it In tennis it's nothing But can be received And sometimes a person May win it Though not seen or heard It may yet be perceived Like princes or bees In it's clover The answer to this riddle Has a hole in the middle And without it, one cannot start over

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