dumb riddles with dumb answers

what is a riddle? a riddle is a statement that plays tricks on your mind, and this quiz is full of them. for example, what was the worlds tallest mountain before mount everest was discovered? mount everest it just wasnt discovered yet XD so if your good at riddles, this quiz is for you

can you get a straight 100 on this riddle quiz? i sure hope you can because these are very simple riddles. if i can get a 100 on this, then you can too. you just have to try.

Created by: lilsavage

  1. when do you go at red and stop at green
  2. before mount everest was discovered, what was the worlds highest mountain
  3. how far do you walk into the woods
  4. how many sides does a circle have
  5. there are 12 fish swimming together. 2 drown, how many are left
  6. 6 birds are in a tree. a hunter shoots one. how many are left
  7. a japanese captain decides to take a bath. he takes off his gold watch, and neclace. 10 minutes later, his gold items are gone. he narrows it down to 5 people. the suspects are: the seaman, who said he was fixing the upside down flag, the radio man, who said he was telling the ports their corridinates, the cook, who says he was getting meat from the fridge, the nightwatcher, who says he was sleeping, and the admiral who says he was getting changed. the captain found the out who was lying. who took the gold items
  8. did you get the last one
  9. what does eyes spell
  10. im tired. are you

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