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There are tons of riddles some more complex and obvious than others. Personall I love riddles. If you do too please take my quiz, there is about 16 I think

I made this quiz after I tried the can I trick you quiz and realised I could do a similar one but with riddles the quiz took me ages so I hope you like it. Oh yeah and there is one that made thinking for ages its on the very last question

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. A man walks into a bar what does he say??
  2. You are lost alone in the woods. You stumble across and old cabin, and decide to stay there for the night. You want some heat and light, but the only things you find in the cabin are a candle, an oil lamp and a wood burning stove. Looking in your pocket you realise you have one match what do you light first?
  3. A three year old girl and a one hundred year old man have had exactly the same number of birthdays how is this possible?
  4. A man is walking through the jungle. He has only one bullet yet he shot a Puma and a cougar. How did he do this?
  5. A man is about to be put to death and the judge said he could pick his death, but he walks out the room unharmed. What did he choose?
  6. You are lost it's pitch black and a storm is coming there is no power anywhere. You find an abandoned house and walk inside and you are confronted by a murder who demands you must pick you're death. He explains that he will leave you to die alone and your body will NEVER be found! Which method do you choose out of the following: Hung, drowned or the electric chair. Which do you pick?
  7. What is the beginning of every end?
  8. Jill's Mom has Four kids the first is called Euro, The second is Nickel, the Third is Dime, What is the name of the fourth???
  9. What was the tallest mountain before Mount Everest was discovered?
  10. The Word CANDY can be spelled using just 2 letters can you figure out how?
  11. Which one is right?
  12. There are 7 sisters and each have a brother including the father and the mother how many people are in this family??
  13. 76 people are on your bus, 5 get off then 12 get on then 25 get off and only 1 gets back on. What colour are the bus drivers eyes?
  14. The hole is 6ft wide and 3ft deep hwo much dirt is in the hole?
  15. Two sheep are in a field one is facing north one is facing south. They can see each other how?
  16. There is a dead man laid in field there was nothing else in the field with him apart from grass and a sealed box that was never opened. How did he die???? (Look in the comments when you're done :D the answer is there)

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