Hardest Riddle Quiz You Will Ever Take. Will You Pass?

Warning! This quiz could give you headaches if not careful, and worse you could never know the answers to the riddles... But lets see if you can solve some of these riddles, shall we? No Cheating =)

Warning! This quiz could give you headaches if not careful, and worse you could never know the answers to the riddles... But lets see if you can solve some of these riddles, shall we? No Cheating =) Good Luck

Created by: Kish
  1. I have been living with the old man for 3 months. One day, he was arrested by the police. They made me go with them as well. The police showed me a menu and asked me what I wanted to eat. I chose burger and fries. The police told me "I think he is going away for a while". He was charged with 14 offenses. Finally they were done talking to me. They took me home in a police car. Everyone was crying when I got there...
  2. There was a man who lived on the 14th floor of an apartment building. One night, he came home very late. He got into the elevator and pressed the button for his floor. The elevator began to ascend. Just then, the button for the 8th floor lit up. "I guess someone else is getting on" he thought to himself. A few seconds later, he realized something. He pressed the stop button as much as he could, and when the elevator stopped at the 3rd floor, he quickly ran out and booked into a hotel for the night. By the next day, he had packed his belongings and moved out of the apartment...
  3. There was a young woman who lived alone. One night, she was getting ready for bed. She went into the bathroom to wash her face. She turned on the tap and water came gushing out. She splashed some water onto her face, then took some soap and massaged it on her skin. Just then, she thought she heard something, it sounded like footsteps. The soap was still on her face, so she couldn't open her eyes. She fumbled for the tap and turned it on. The water came gushing out. She rinsed off the soap from her face and looked around. No one was there.
  4. I live alone and there is not much to do in the evenings. To avoid being bored, I took up a hobby- putting together jigsaw puzzles. I am working on a luminous jigsaw puzzle right now. The other night, when I came home, the puzzle was glowing in the dark. There is something eerie about that pale glow. When I finish this one, I think I will go back to doing normal jigsaws.
  5. When I was young, I had a friend who was obsessed with video games. He never paid attention in class, never bothered to study but he always got straight As. One day, just before final exams, I asked him if he wanted come to my house to study. "No way dude" he said "Final Fantasy One is coming out tomorrow so I am ditching school to go buy it". "I don't understand" I said "You never work, you never study, all you do is play all day and still manage to get straight As, what's your secret?" "I am psychic" he replied with a smile "I can see the future and I know every question that will be on the test". For a second I almost believed him, then he laughed and told me he was joking. He still got straight As on the exam.
  6. I was really scared last night after I watched a scary movie. What made it worse was that my parents were away so I was alone in the house. I switched on all the lights in my room and the hall to make myself feel better. The only scary thing that happened was when I finished showering and went back into my room. I switched on the light and at that exact moment my hand bag fell off the chair. That made me jump, LOL
  7. A few days ago, I was invited to my friend's house for dinner. The strange thing is, my friend recently got involved with some weird religious cult. While I was there, he served up some kind of meat but refused to tell me what meat it was. It kind of freaked me out. For a second, I wondered if it was human meat but then, after I ate it, I knew it was definitely not human meat.
  8. Studying to become a doctor is really hard work, but I scored 100% at my autopsy exam on Friday. I can't take all the credit though, My roommate was a huge help. I wish I could thank him, but he is no longer with us. RIP James.
  9. I was delivering pizza to an old apartment building on the bad side of town. When I pushed the button to call the elevator, the doors opened immediately. Suddenly, this woman ran out with a crazy look on her face. She ran out of the building before I could say a word. I checked the elevator to make sure there were no crazy murderers. Nope, nothing. I still ended up taking the stairs anyway
  10. A few days ago, my boyfriend sent me an email with a video link in it. When I watched the video, I was horrified. It showed him committing suicide. In the video, he tied a rope around his neck and jumped off the chair. How could he send me something like that? His funeral is tomorrow. Needless to say, I am not going.
  11. A few minutes ago, I was taking a shower and I heard a scream coming from the living room. I got out of the shower and ran there naked. When I got there, I saw a burglar standing over the dead bodies of my mother, my father and my sister. When the burglar saw me, he jumped out the window and ran off. I am so scared I have no idea what to do.
  12. There was a married couple who lived in an apartment building with their young daughter. The husband and wife never got along and were always arguing. One day, they started to quarrel over something small. Their daughter was sitting on the windowsill, listening to them shout at each other. The argument turned into a big screaming match. The daughter couldn't stand to listen to it anymore, and she left. When they realized she was gone, the parents looked out of the window and saw her outside. They felt very guilty so they followed her.
  13. My neighbors think I am a nosey old woman, but today I witnessed a murder. I was looking out my window when I saw something happening in the apartment opposite mine. A man was in the middle of murdering a woman. The strange thing was, after he finished strangling her, he turned around and our eyes met. Then he pointed at me and kept staring at me for a minute or two. All the time he was staring at me, his finger kept moving. I called the police a few minutes ago, and they said I must go to the nearest police station to make a statement. I am sure they will catch him, I saw his face clearly.
  14. My wife was attacked by a burglar when I was on my way home from work. She stabbed him with a butcher knife and killed him. Police see this as self defense and the case is closed. When I went to pick her up from the police station, she said: "When I heard the doorbell, I thought it was you but a masked man jumped me as soon as I opened the door." "You must have been so scared" I said "but you are safe now" and I hugged her tightly
  15. Sometimes I wonder what the police are doing these days. They never seem to be able to solve any crimes. I live in a city that has a lot of crime, and lately its been getting worse. Last week there was a murder near the factory where I work. A young woman was stabbed with an ice pick. Not just an ordinary ice pick, but one with a skull by the handle. Everyone is freaking out. My mother, who lives with me, is scared to go out at night. I told her not to worry but she knows the police are not going to solve the murder. They haven't even found the murder weapon yet... The police are so incompetent
  16. Today has just been a disaster. I woke up late and had to skip breakfast. Then I forgot to lock the door when I went to work. Then my boss spent the whole day yelling at me. I barely make enough money to pay the rent. My apartment is small, it doesn't even have a window facing outside. I missed the bus this evening so I got home late. Worst of all, when I got back home and unlocked the door, I found that my kitchen had been ransacked. Someone must have broken in while I was at work. I don't know why though, I have nothing worth stealing. I am so tired, I just want to go to bed... I will file a police report in the morning
  17. Thank you for spending some time trying to solve these truly puzzling riddles. So let us all head to the comments and share our knowledge, discoveries and questions. Hope you didn't cheat =)

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