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  • Hi, hope you enjoyed the quiz...
    Here are MY answers...

    1- The girl was kidnapped. The old man was charged 14 offenses meaning he probably kidnapped 14 other people including the girl. When she got home and everyone was crying because she was kidnapped for 3 months...

    2- The man was in the elevator... When the 8th floor light came up he assumed someone pressed the call button on the 8th floor. However, he realized that the 8th floor button light was on IN the elevator, and he was alone in the elevator, so if he didn't press the button, something was inside with him...

    3- It clearly said that she turned on the tap before putting soap on her face. Then why did she have to TURN ON the tap again? Someone was in the bathroom with her, who turned off the tap when she had soap in her eyes

    4- Luminous objects lights are only visible if they were recently exposed to light. The guy lived alone but when he entered the house, the luminous light from the jigsaw was already on showing that the light was on a few minutes before he entered meaning that there was someone in his place just a few minutes before he arrived

    5- Turns out he was psychic after all. Notice how he says "Final Fantasy One"? When the first edition of a game or movie is introduced, you don't know how popular it will be to call it 1. You are not sure whether there will be part 2 or not. But the psychic guy knew it.

    6- Similar to number 3. The girl switched on all her lights before she went for a shower. So when she came out, she had to switch on the light AGAIN. So how did they switch off in the first place?

    7- Pretty scary and straight forward. How did the guy know that it did not taste like human meat? Obviously meant that he was a cannibal as he ate the human meat before.

    8- I think this was the easiest. The guy used his roommate as an autopsy before the exam...

    9- This is the hardest one, and I

  • I just skipped through it and put I solved the riddle on all of em 😂 sorry I read the first one and I just knew I couldn't do it

  • I got 94% without cheating actually

  • I personally thought all of them were stories. xD


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