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  • Random.randint
    "good to know"
  • Random.randint
  • ZeldaCrafter
    "( Who the heck are you? ) "Then I'll kill you," Chris replied, coolly. What a bluff! He hated killing."
  • ZeldaCrafter
    ""It's how I get information," Chris replied."
  • Random.randint
  • Random.randint
    "Hi! I'm back :)"
  • ZeldaCrafter
    ""Maybe that is the treasure he spoke of..." Chris trailed off."
  • Random.randint
    "I told you, I'm an aspiring author. It's a hobby and a living. Oh, gotta go."
  • ZeldaCrafter
    ""What?" Chris stared at her. "'Must pretty precious?' 'The heck do you mean?""
  • summoning
    "name: Jake age: 16 gender: male personality: Funny, thick, readable dislikes: not much likes: almost everythin"
  • ZeldaCrafter
    ""Fully fledged," Chris replied. "Like you. But he had a heart.""
  • summoning
    "OK. Character template please."
  • Random.randint
    "my great grandma died at 98"
  • summoning
    "Good! We agree! I probs would have picked that one."
  • summoning
    "All right, what type of forbidden love? Princess x Pauper ? Prince x Servant girl?"

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