Can you save her?

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Many people say they can survive a hostage situation, when they're the hostages. Use your knowledge and skills to fight off the hostage takers, and save yourself as well as your girl/boyfriend

Do you know what to do in a hostage situation? Can you keep yourself under control. take this quiz and find out if you can coordinate your own escape plan and save yourself and your guy/girl

Created by: Chris
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  1. You and your significant other go into a bank, and buglars intrude! What do you do?
  2. You snuck into a hallway. All the exit doors are locked. There are three armed burglars approaching!
  3. Sadly, wiggling into the vents. The burlgars have taken your girl/boyfriend! What do you do?
  4. Anyways...
  5. You follow the three burglars into a conference room where they took your guy/girl
  6. You crafted your own self-defense tools, and waited for the burlgars to come out
  7. Now with your guy/girl with you what's the next move?
  8. You have found the exit, but it's blocked. The only way out is the front door
  9. You can see the exit which is a couple of feet away. No burglar can see you
  10. QUICK!!
  11. Luckily, there was a loud bang behind the building. The burglars turn their attention away from the door...
  12. Well we have reached the end of the quiz!
  13. Goodnight

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Quiz topic: Can I save her?