What Person/Thing Are You In Harry Potter

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Want to know where you belong in Harry Potter. This quiz is veeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyy accurate and may save your life someday. So you better take this seriously.

Please give feedback or else Voldemort might come sneak in your room at night and kill you. Or maybe a snake will eat you. Don't underestimate the power of this quiz.

Created by: Were-Feather

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  1. You sit in a chair. Something eats you. What is it?
  2. You ran into voldemort. You:
  3. If you had to. Who would you marry from HP out of this list:
  4. If you could have an item from Harry Potter you'd have
  5. Choose a person you hate.
  6. Would you rather have horcruxes or hallows?
  7. Who is the bestest person in the order?
  8. Which house would you be in?
  9. Which food would you eat?
  10. Which food would you eat?
  11. Final Words: Take your answer very seriously, your life could depend on it. >:/

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