Harry Potter: Ron's Revenge

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(This quiz is a sequal to :[no urls]) Years after Harry has saved Hermione (or not), he marries her and lives a quiet life. Harry now has a daughter, Rose Potter, and everything seems to be going well. However, Ron has returned, to extract his unholy revenge on the Potters!

Play as the titular character Harry Potter, as you guide him on his quest to save his family. Be careful with your actions, as they may put you in harm's way! ==Note: This quiz can be text-heavy at some points==

Created by: Al Mond

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  1. Which ending did you get for the prequel? (Link Below) [no urls]
  2. You are enjoying time with your wife, Hermione, and your beautiful daughter, Rose. You three are playing a board game when you hear a knock at the door. What do you say?
  3. The person who rang the doorbell is nowhere in sight, and you hear a truck driving away. You look down at the doormat. It appears that someone has left a package for you!
  4. When you open the package, a burst of light blinds you! You wake up hours later, and you can't see your family anywhere!
  5. All of your attempts seems to have failed! You have no clue where they went!
  6. You decide to go and investigate the mysterious package. You find an address on it. Where do you go?
  7. When you arrive at your destination, you see a mysterious figure following you in the corner of your eye... What do you do?
  8. You are just about to put your plan in motion, when you realize that the stalker is a dementor! It is quickly approaching you, and you have no time to run away!
  9. After the confrontation, you continue searching for your family. You eventually see a mysterious building in the distance, guarded by what appears to be an elderly Crabbe and Goyle. What will you do?
  10. You find Rose Potter trapped in a cage that is slowly being lowered into a pit of lava! You look around for a lever to release her, and you see that it is on the other side of the lava. Fortunately, you find a broomstick in a room labelled "Janitor". What do you do?
  11. You have been reunited with Rose, but you still need to find your wife, Hermione. What should you do now?
  12. Unfortunately, none of those options have been very helpful. You decide to head to Diagon Ally to find magical supplies before you go out to search again. After buying the basic essentials, you have enough money for one of the following:
  13. You head off and ask around to see if they've spotted anything strange. You encounter a homeless, red headed person. The mysterious hobo keeps looking at you. You decide to walk up to him and say something.
  14. As you stand there talking to the stranger, who realize that you know him. "Percy?" you say, "is that you?" The homeless man looks up at you and says, "Harry? I thought it was you! You must hurry! Ron has escaped Azkaban! He got me fired from the Ministry of Magic, and he took all of my money! You must stop him!"
  15. You finish talking to Percy, and now you know where Ron's liar is. You call Rose to make sure she is safe, then you set out to save Hermione. How do you get to Ron's liar?
  16. Once you arrive, you see none other than Draco Malfoy! He is patrolling the compound on an illegally modified broomstick. The broomstick appears to be equipped with a minigun, and he is holding his wand in has hand. What do you do?
  17. Once inside, you notice a peculiar smell: "Old Cat Lady". You walk towards the source of the scent, when you see her: Dolores Umbridge. She seems to have suffered injuries to her body, as her arms and legs have been replaced by robotic limbs. Despite this, she still has that strange old lady smell about her. She appears unaware of your presence. What do you do?
  18. As soon as you make a move, you feel something metallic wrapping around you! The thing drags you into Umbridge's chamber. "Well well well, if it isn't my favorite student?" Umbridge sneered. Upon closer inspection, you see that Umbridge had a hidden mechanical tail, that has wrapped you up! Umbridge slams you against the wall, as you scream in pain. "Yes," Umbridge said as she licked her lips, "I want to feel your suffering!" You manage to get your left arm free from her grasp, but you cannot grab your wand! What do you do?
  19. Author's note: At this point, you are offered the chance to use the item you purchased in Question #14 as one of the answer choices. Please only use the item if you actually chose to buy it. Do not cheat by using all the items.
  20. Your efforts succeed, and you escape Umbridge. However, your left arm is broken! What do you do?
  21. You find your way to a dark corridor. You walk through it, and find a door. You go inside, and see a room with the floor made of randomly assorted tiles. On the other side of the room, you see another door, below a TV. As you step foot inside, the door locks behind you! The TV turns on, showing Ron's image. "Well done Harry, making it this far. However, you shall not survive my three deadly chambers!" Suddenly, the tile in front of you lights up, and proceeds to sink away into a dark abyss below. How do you get across the room?
  22. "Well done. I would have expected no less from 'The Boy who lived'" "Give me back my wife, Ron!" "No way, Potty Potter! I will have my revenge! And you have two more chambers to get through before you even have a chance to face me!" You look into the second chamber. There appears to be a giant chess board..."Talk about a blast from the past, huh Harry? I took a big fall, all so you could be the hero! And for what? Looking into a mirror and magically getting the stone? I could have done that!" Ron goaded, as the TV flickered off. How do you get through the chess room?
  23. "Well Potter, you got through that fairly easily..." "And I'm going through you next, Ronaldo Weasel!" "MY...NAME...ISN'T...RONALDO! IT'S RON!" "I'm sorry, Ron Weasel!" "What? gr..." All jokes aside, you head into the third room. It appears to be a recreation of Snape's Potions Class. The exit door appears to be chained shut by some enchanted metal. Suddenly, the room starts to flood! "Ha! You will have to brew a difficult potion to melt these enchanted chains, Potter! And you'd better hurry! Ha!" What do you do?
  24. You enter a large circular room. In the middle, you see a pool of lava, and Hermione slowly being lowered into it! "Well, if it isn't the 'hero' himself?" Ron jeered. He appeared to be wearing some high tech body armor. "It's amazing what Muggles can do," Ron said, activating the suit, "When they're under the Imperius curse!" At that, the suit lights up, and creates a semi-transparent red bubble around Ron. "Ha! Magic-proof shield! Beat that!"
  25. True to his words, none of your attacks seem to affect him, harmlessly bouncing off the bubble instead! One of the spells ricochets and hits you, causing you to fall to the ground and drop some of your items all over the floor (You still have your wand in your hand). "Ha! Now, die Potter!" Ron yelled as he cast a fiery spell your way. You nimbly preform a barrel-roll to safety, and reach for your...
  26. All you can do is dodge while Ron launches a flurry of spells at you. His last spell sends dust up in the air, allowing you to hide yourself in the invisibility cloak. "You can't hide forever, Harry!" Ron gloats, as he sends spells randomly flying. Hermione is half-way to the pit of lava, and you need to do something!
  27. You manage to sneak behind Ron without him noticing you, but you are running out of time! You need to dispatch of Ron right now!
  28. Your spell misses, and hits the floor, causing it to become weak. Ron turns around with a devilish grin. "There you are! Take off your cloak Harry, it is too late!" You dramatically rip off your invisibility cloak, and draw your wand. "Let us end this, one and for all, Ron!" "Well, its just like Voldemort said! You always rely on your friends to save you! But look around! No one to sacrifice now, huh Harry! Like you sacrificed my brothers!" "You're the one who took all of Percy's money!" "Shut uo! Just shut up! You think you're soo special, well-" You suddenly interrupt Ron's monologue, firing a spell at...
  29. The spell harmlessly bounces off Ron's anti-magic bubble! "Nice try Potter! Now's my turn! Avada Kedavra!" You fall to the floor, everything fading away to darkness. You hear Hermione's screaming voice grow fainter, as you hear Ron say something! "Finally, father, I have avenged you..." (Go to the end of the quiz)
  30. The floor beneath Ron crumbles, and he sinks into the ground below! You run over to Hermione's cage, and set her free moments before the the cage hits the lava. Suddenly, a hand reaches out of the hole! Ron crawls out, his armor broken to pieces. "Your armor may reflect magic, but not falling, huh Ron?" You say triumphantly. "Well, I still have one ace left..." Ron whispers as he suddenly throws a strange pellet onto the floor! A blinding white light appears! As you recover your vision, you see two Hemriones in front of you! Ron must have used Polyjuice potion!How can you tell which Hermione is the real one? (Answer this question, then go to question #34)
  31. Your spell hits Hermione, causing the cage to shake rapidly! Suddenly, a chain supporting the cage breaks, causing Hermione to fall into the lava! "Hahaha! Pathetic!" Ron gloats, "Well then, I guess I don't need to stay here any longer!" Ron suddenly apparates away, leaving you alone, rethinking your mistakes... (Go to the end of the quiz)
  32. You fire at one of the Hermiones, knocking her into the lava! You're certain you just hit Ron, but just to make sure...

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