Cupid hits Hogwarts

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Everybody knows Harry Potter. And most girls (or guys) are in love with him and other characters! But, have you ever wondered who is your true Harry Potter soulmate?

Could it be the handsom Draco? Or maybe the hero, Harry himself? Or maybe even the amazing best friend to Harry, Ron? You won't know until you take this quiz!

Created by: Blazing_Fire01
  1. You step off the Hogwarts express. Finally, your fourth year at Hogwarts. Years have flown by so quick. You're pulling your trunk, lost in thought. That is, until you bump into someone, you look up to see Draco Malfoy
  2. "Watch where your going ___" He snaps, pushing you aside. You growl quietly before continuing on your way to the home you call Hogwarts. "Hey," Says a voice behind you. "Are you alright?"
  3. You turn to face a boy around your age. He has curly, blonde hair and bright blue eyes with tanned skin. He wears a Ravenclaw robe. "I-I suppose" You stutter quietly. "Don't mind Malfoy, he's just a prick" The boy smiles.
  4. "I'm Rupurt by the way" He smiles, holding out his hand. You smile and shake it "_________" You smile, letting go of his warm hand. You take a second to acknowledge he had a good three inches on you. "Can I walk with you to the castle?" Reese asks.
  5. You and Rupurt walk to the castle, talking about the fact there wasn't any quidditch this year. It was outrageous. But supposedly there was other plans. You wonder what it could be
  6. The smile you had as you remember being put in Ravenclaw quickly turns to a frown. You don't remember Rupurt ever being sorted. This is your first time actually ever seeing him
  7. "______!" Someone calls you as you sit at the table for Ravenclaws. You flinch and turn around to see...
  8. So, how are ya liking the quiz so far?
  9. If I don't update fast enough I'm on wattpad as @Blazing-fire01 or @I-like-it-tough comment your wattpad names and we can do a follow for follow!
  10. That's it for this quiz! I'll update ASAP! comment your thoughts! Also, I was inspired to do this by @Funniebunnie01 (one of my best friends :3) She has better quizzes and s--- than I do so go check her out!

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