What does Harry Potter & Co. Think of You?

People have a wide variety of attitudes, especially if you go to Hogwarts! Are you funny,smart, brave,friendly, witty, or absolutly awful? well in this quiz you will find out your house AND what the Harry Potter characters think of you! (girls only)

What do Harry Potter Characters think of you? What house would you be in? And what are in those yummy Butterbeers at universal!? im not sure but you might find out. but if its about the butterbear thing then you wont find out from me, i dont have a clue! INTORDUCING........ MY QUIZ!

Created by: Andy
  1. Favorite color
  2. 1 word to describe you
  3. If Malfoy Snogged you
  4. Hottest Guy
  5. if Harry snogged you, you would
  6. What do you spend your time doing?
  7. Snape subtracts 100 points from your house
  8. Voldemort asks you to become a death eater
  9. Your favorite house
  10. You saw a 1rs year drop his/her books you
  11. How was this quiz

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