Harry Potter House Quiz

Find out which Harry Potter house you are in: Hufflepuff, the loyal and hardworking; slytherin, the ambitious and sly; Gryffindor, the brave and the wreckless; and ravenclaw, the intelligent and the witty.

This is not pottermore so I am not entirely sure what is correct or incorrect so please no hate also sorry about spelling i am really bad at it XD. Please enjoy the quiz.

Created by: Hufflepuff girl

  1. Which house would you like to get put in
  2. Who is your favourite teacher?
  3. Four artifacts are placed in front of you, you chose...
  4. What animal would you take to Hogwarts
  5. Which place sounds more appealing
  6. Whats your favourite colours
  7. Finally what core do you have?
  8. Well its not the last one actually... you dont like to be called
  9. Its your 7th year and you have just received a howler what for?
  10. You get to be on the quidditch team witch position would you play?

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