Do you have Harry Potter Knowledge?

Harry Potter. It's been around for a long time and many people in the world love it! Most people think that they know everything about our wizard friends, but do they really?

So, do you know your Harry Potter stuff? Many people actually don't! Are you one of them? Are you sure? Are you positive? Are you extra special sure? Well, take this to find out!

Created by: gigglepuff
  1. Who is the main Harry Potter character?
  2. Who are Harry's best friends?
  3. What house elf did Harry meet in the second book and movie?
  4. What is Harry's patronus?
  5. Who drove Neville's parents to insanity?
  6. What did Hermione do to her parents in the seventh book and movie?
  7. Who was the Half-Blood Prince?
  8. How old are you when you first go to Hogwarts?
  9. Where does Harry Potter take place?
  10. Does Harry marry anyone?
  11. Who does Harry marry?
  12. How many books are in the Harry Potter series?
  13. How many movies are in the Harry Potter series?
  14. Who does Harry try to kill?
  15. How many years does a student attend Hogwarts?
  16. How many years did Harry attend Hogwarts?
  17. Who is the brainy student?
  18. Who died in the fourth movie and book?
  19. For years, Harry had a crush on which character?
  20. Who tortures Harry in the fifth movie?

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Quiz topic: Do I have Harry Potter Knowledge?