What Harry Potter character are you?

We've probably all wondered what Harry Potter character we are most similar to. I know I have. This quiz is for males and females, so step right up and try it out!

Finally, you'll be able to see who you are most similar to in the world of Harry Potter. I hope you enjoy! Your fellow Harry Potter fan, LunaLover

Created by: LunaLover
  1. What can you be found doing most of the time?
  2. Are you superstitious?
  3. Do you spend a lot of time by yourself?
  4. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  5. Are you male or female? (sorry that this question was in twice)
  6. What color are your eyes? BE HONEST
  7. What are you thinking right now?
  8. Pick a number
  9. Do you like music?
  10. Final Question! Are you excited to see your results!

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter character am I?