what harry potter character are you?

are you a harry potter fan? find out what character you are. now, don't worry if you don't like your answers. You could take it again, or just don't worry. it's just a quiz.

are you a loyal harry potter? a sweet ron weasley? a smart hermoine? an evil voldemort?a leader dumbledore? or a undecicive draco? or anyone else? find out with this quiz now.

Created by: cassidy k.t.

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  2. i have...
  3. my hobby is...
  4. a symbol that describes me would be
  5. what character are you mostly like
  6. if you and your friend were attacked my silent ninjas you would...
  7. if you were put in a situation in which either you or you're friend would be killed, would you
  8. if you were in the wizarding world of harry potter would you use your wand to do...
  9. what is your faveorite color (this has nothing to do with the test.)
  10. last question~bored yet?

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Quiz topic: What harry potter character am I?