Harry Potter book quiz

Some people have read all the HP books, but few completely have the world of Harry Potter memorized. Take this quiz to find out excactly how much you know about this famous fictional character!

Are YOU a Harry Potter genius? Are you familiar with all the amazing characters? Whether you doubt it or not, this quiz will help you find the answer!

Created by: sprite101
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  1. What is Neville's last name?
  2. What house is Penelope Clearwater in?
  3. What is Professor McGonagel's first name?
  4. Dumbledore dies in what book?
  5. Severus Snape loves who?
  6. How many balls are in the sport Quidditch?
  7. The word for the summoning charm:
  8. In what book does Voldemort return?
  9. Name Harry's owl breed:
  10. Last question! How many different Harry Potter movies are there?

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