Harry Potter Book One

This quiz is a bit nitpicky, but I like those kind of quizzes. If you do not like to be tested on details, do not take this quiz... And don't feel bad if you score badly.

So get to it, are you anal retentive when it comes to your Harry Potter knowledge? Try the quiz to find out! (And no cheating by looking at the book itself!).

Created by: Stacy
  1. How many times does Dumbledore click the put-outer on Privet Drive?
  2. What type of candy does Dumbledore offer McGonagall on Privet Drive?
  3. According to Harry, what was the only thing distinguishing the gorilla from Dudley?
  4. What color were the puff balls on the sweater that kept shrinking as Aunt Petunia tried to force it over Harry's head?
  5. What are the names of Dudley's gang of friends?
  6. On what day of the week did Vernon make Petunia, Dudley, and Harry leave Privet Drive due to Harry's letters from Hogwarts?
  7. After being jerked awake by Hagrid's arrival, what does Dudley say?
  8. What did Lily return home with her pockets full of, according to Aunt Petunia?
  9. Speaking of pockets, what was NOT in Hagrid's coat pockets when Harry was searching for knuts for the owl who delivered the paper?
  10. Who wrote Harry's school book "Magical Theory?"
  11. Molly Weasley has a relative in what muggle profession?
  12. Which chocolate frog wizard is one of the two missing from Ron's collection?
  13. Harry is more nervous before the Sorting hat than he was in which circumstance below?
  14. Which house does Mandy Brocklehurst go to?
  15. What didn't Peeves do to the new students at Hogwarts during Harry's first day?
  16. A bezoar is taken from the ____________ of a goat.
  17. When Neville hurts himself during their flying lesson, what is he taken to the hospital wing for?
  18. What is the password to the Gryffindor common room when Harry and Ron sneak out for a wizard's duel with Malfoy?
  19. What time does Harry meet Oliver Wood for their first Quidditch training session?
  20. What wizard ended up with a buffalo on his chest after mispronouncing a magic word?
  21. What color were the fireworks that shot out Dumbledore's wand to silence everyone in the Great Hall?
  22. What insult does Ron hurl at the mountain troll in the girls bathroom?
  23. Harry learned that all ways of committing a Quidditch foul had happened during a match in what year?
  24. Who is the seeker Harry plays against in his first Quidditch match?
  25. How long did it take Snape to realize he'd caught fire?
  26. What color is Ron's weasley sweater?
  27. What kind of hat did Dumbledore wear at the first Christmas feast Harry attends at Hogwarts?
  28. What does Dumbledore want instead of the books he keeps on getting for Christmas?
  29. What is name of Nicholas Flamel's wife?
  30. To perform the leg-locker curse a wizard must say:
  31. What is Hagrid's coat made out of?
  32. What color was Hagrid's dragon egg?
  33. What alcoholic beverage is mixed with chicken blood and fed to baby dragons?
  34. What made Ron's hand swell?
  35. Where does McGonagall find Harry and Hermione have been at 1 AM?
  36. What is the name of the first centaur that the group meets in the forbidden forest?
  37. What is the Gryffindor first year's last exam?
  38. What grade did Hermione get on Flitwick's exam?
  39. Who is the last Gryffindor to leave the common room the night the trio plans on taking the sorcerer's stone (before they get the invisibility cloak)?
  40. Which is not an obstacle preventing Harry, Ron, and Hermione from reaching the stone?

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