Which popular book series should you read (age 8-14)?

There are many popular book series for example Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Twilight, but which one should you read? Are you afraid you wont like the book or are you wondering which book is best for you?

Which series should you read? You could get Harry Potter, The Missing, etc. Just take this 12 question quiz to find out. It take only a couple of minutes to find out!

Created by: AthenaRox101

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  1. Your age?
  2. Your are interested in...
  3. Fave Genre?
  4. Length of book?
  5. You are...
  6. Favorite subject?
  7. You wish you were...
  8. Favorite celebrity?
  9. Favorite author?
  10. Last of all which title interests you?

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Quiz topic: Which popular book series should I read (age 8-14)?