What book you should read next!

Need a book for a project? How about another book to read within two days(speed reader)? Just want to spend that book card gift certificate on something other than the novelty joke books by the counter? - Here are a couple ideas...:)

What would be a good book for you to read? With so many out there -it's hard to pick. Hopefully this quiz will give you a specific example or lead you to another that you may enjoy! :)

Created by: Laura
  1. When at the mall what are you most likely doing?
  2. How would you describe your group of friends best?
  3. What kind of book do you usually read?
  4. If you were to stereotype yourself you would be...
  5. Your views on life are...
  6. What animal would you most consider yourself as?
  7. When online you spend most of your time...
  8. What is love?
  9. Who would you be in history?
  10. Favorite music genre?

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