which Hush Hush character r u?

this quiz is for anyone who enjoys this confusing yet beautiful four book series. I hope you cant wait to see your result. this may help describe you. I know if I could relate myself to book characters I may help me.

I fell in love with this book as soon as I picked it up. if you haven't read it and have a strong love for twisted yet deeeep romances it is in this book. I literally couldn't put it down

Created by: rachel
  1. what are your hobbies?
  2. what is your favorite colours
  3. what would you do if you saw someone about to be killed by a fallen angel
  4. would you be Nefilim or Fallen angel
  5. do you like to party or crash them
  6. what best describes you
  7. what type of music do u listen 2?
  8. what would you rather play
  9. what would be your choice of "weapon" in the war
  10. what quote do u prefer

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