What character from James Patterson's ANGEL are you?

The most recent book in James Patterson's highly praised series, Maximum Ride, a lot of characters were significantly different in ANGEL, mostly Fang, Max, Dylan, and Angel.

This quiz will find out which one YOU are most like. While reading the book, there are certain characters you are totally behind, and certain ones your furious with, and this quiz will confirm those feelings. Sixteen questions will decide which character in James Patterson's ANGEL are you.

Created by: Jasmine

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  1. What do you think about being a leader?
  2. How do you decide who's the good guy and who's the bad guy?
  3. Are you manipulative?
  4. What is your best tactic in a verbal argument?
  5. If someone killed someone you love, what would be you response?
  6. Which best describes how you interact with your friends?
  7. Your friends would say you are VERY...
  8. How would you want to defeat an enemy?
  9. How would you fight if you were a character with a lot of powers like Angel?
  10. What's your favorite drink?
  11. What do you think of spas?
  12. If an megalomaniac (it's in the book people!) approached you and said, if you don't let me take your boyfriend/girlfriend I'm gonna blow of New York City and Los Angles, you'd say...
  13. I trust...
  14. What type of learner are you?

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Quiz topic: What character from James Patterson's ANGEL am I?