How well do u know James Maslow

James Maslow is a really hot guy who loves to sing and dance. He is an actor and a singer. He stars in a nickolodean show and has so much fun filming and preforming.

If you love James Maslow and you think you are abssed with him take this quiz and find out how much you really know about James Maslow. Trust me you won't regret takeing it!

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  1. What nickolodean show does James Maslow star in?
  2. How old is James Maslow
  3. What show did James Maslow guest star in?
  4. Do you LOVE James Maslow?
  5. What is James band called?
  6. True or False?? Is Carlos Pena in James' band?
  7. True or False? James used to date Miranda Cosgrove?
  8. What is James fav color?
  9. Does James have a pet?
  10. Did You enjoy this Quiz? :)

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