James Maslow Quizz

Well this quiz is for James Maslow! He is an amazing guy and if you can past this test then you really love him and are a major fan! Good luck test takers!

Are you a genius! Do you think you know everything about James Maslow? well test your great knowledge here at the James Maslow Quizz(: Have fun and enjoy the quiz!

Created by: kristen
  1. When was James born
  2. Where was he born?
  3. How old is James?
  4. What show is James on?
  5. What is James' characters name?
  6. What is James' favorite color?
  7. What kind of dog does James have and whats its name?
  8. Whats James' middle name?
  9. Do you really love James?
  10. What is James' mom and dads name?

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