Which Pretty Little Liar are you?

This quiz was made to be a bit little personal so that you can see yourself as one of the characters from Pretty Little liars. Im a fan of the show and I'm sure you are too. I thought it would be awesome to make a quiz from the show using the characters.

I hope you enjoy this quiz, take your time no need to rush, be honest and have fun! If I have false info or lack anything please let me now in a nice way.

Created by: Kellsee
  1. Do you play any sport?
  2. I love teaching...
  3. What do you consider yourself as...
  4. Do you find any of your teacher attractive/ date-able? (Be honest its all good)
  5. What is your weight?
  6. If your parent(s) were in a financial debt and they stole thousands of dollars from the bank...What would u do?
  7. Do you consider yourself a...
  8. Do you consider yourself at school a...
  9. Do you have fights with your older sibling a lot?
  10. I am...

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Quiz topic: Which Pretty Little Liar am I?