Which Pretty Little Liars Character are you most like?

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This is a quiz to see which Pretty Little Liars character YOU are most like. It is based more on the TV show than the books. I made this quiz because I could not find a quiz that included all these characters.

This Quiz includes the outcomes of: Alison Spencer Hanna Aria Emily "A" There were many quizzes which had just the four girls so I thought on with all 5, and A would be nice. I hope you enjoy this quiz :)

Created by: Lottiexx
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you care a lot about your family?
  2. Are you good at keeping secrets
  3. What type of guys are you attracted to?
  4. What is you favourite clothes shop?
  5. What do you like to do at the weekend and in your free time?
  6. Which word do you think describes you best?
  7. You are the...
  8. Have you ever black-mailed someone?
  9. Do you always play by the rules?
  10. What is your favourite accessory that you always wear?
  11. what can you not leave home without?
  12. What is your favourite song?
  13. Who is your favourite Character?
  14. Who is your least favourite character?
  15. Who is your favourite Guy from PLL?
  16. Who is your least favourite Guy from PLL?
  17. Which is your favourite couple?
  18. Pick one!
  19. Do you prefer the books or TV show of PLL?

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Quiz topic: Which Pretty Little Liars Character am I most like?