dofo you know the Pretty Little Liars book series?

Well.... I dont know what to put here. Will you take my quiz? I bet you will. I also bet you won't get 100%. The challenge has been issued. May the battle commence...

Do you know the Pretty Little Liars BOOKS? I hate the tv show. It's horrible. I would rather rewatch Yo Gabba Gabba (I already do...) I bet you can't do it!!

Created by: Madelyn

  1. Who was the first 'A'?
  2. Who was the SECOND 'A'?
  3. What was the quote by Benjamin Franklin in the beginning of the book? (Bet you won't get it right unless you look!)
  4. Who was in the car with Mona when they drove off the cliff?
  5. Who killed Ali?
  6. Who was friends with Mona?
  7. Who was a bisexual?
  8. Who was bulimic?
  9. Who killed Cortney?
  10. Who did Spencer have a crush on that was dating her sister?

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