Pretty little liars

My quiz is about pretty little liars it may be easy to a lot of people but yet hard to some people if it is hard try your best and think positive and take it easy!

If this test is easy to you go ahead and get 100 or 85 through a 100! Try you best and have a excellent time taking my test and I hope you enjoy taking my pretty little liars test thank you!

Created by: Trinity

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  1. What is hannah's secret?
  2. What was spencer's secret?
  3. What was Emilys secret?
  4. What was Aria's secret?
  5. What did Hannah still from the mall?
  6. When Alison screamed who heard her scream?
  7. Before Alison went missing was Hannah best friend Mona?
  8. Was Jenna really blind?
  9. At the end of the who got hit by the car?
  10. Why did Toby get arrested?
  11. Last but not least did you like the quiz?

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