What Pretty Little Liars Character Are You?

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There are five really important people in the Pretty Little Liars series. So, which one are you? Are you Hanna, Emily, Spencer, aria, or the most mysterious, A?

Are YOU a Pretty Little Liar, or are you the one ruining the Little Liars? HMMMMM... allow me to tell you. Are you beautiful, a teacher-lover, a possible killer of your BFF, a gay girl, or the one that reveals it all? Take the quiz and find out!!

Created by: Hottie101
  1. Have you ever secretly thought a teacher was cute?
  2. Have you ever caught one of your parents cheating on the other?
  3. Have you ever black-mailed someone?
  4. Have you ever cheated or stolen someone's paper?
  5. Are you super popular?
  6. Are you or have you ever been bi/gay?
  7. Is swimming your life?
  8. Have you ever stolen your friends/sisters boyfriend?
  9. Have you ever wrecked someone's car to get back at them?
  10. Has one of your friends ever betrayed you?
  11. Have you ever had weird flashbacks?
  12. Is your dad/mom remarrying?
  13. Have you ever dated the town's "weird guy"?
  14. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?
  15. Have you ever tried to make people to do things your way..and if they don't, you'll reveal their secrets?

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Quiz topic: What Pretty Little Liars Character am I?