Which character from "my" book are you?

I thought I needed to practise some charactization of the characters in my novel,so I made this quiz. Now you can see if you can relate to any of the characters in my book, although this only covers the most important characters.

Have you ever wanted to take a quiz about which character you would be in a random person's unknown novel? If yes, today is your lucky day. I admit that this quiz is flawing, but you can take it anyway if you want.

Created by: Vs002
  1. What kind of government would you find the most suitable for a country?
  2. Which of the following quotes fits you the most?
  3. Violence is...
  4. What role should religion have in society?
  5. When is it right to break a promise?
  6. Bureaucracy is...
  7. Is killing ever justified?
  8. Which of the following political ideologies fits you the most?
  9. When will the world see peace?
  10. Who are "evil"?
  11. What is the ultimate good in the universe?
  12. Emotion is...
  13. What kind of character do you think you would be?
  14. Which of the following traits fits you the most?
  15. Which of the following historical persons do you like the most? (If you do not know them, I suggest that you check the Wikipedia)
  16. Which of these historical countries would you choose?
  17. In a polytheist religion, what kind of divine would you worship?

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Quiz topic: Which character from "my" book am I?