which book caracter are you ?

it's simple and fast , there are may book characters in this huge word but I choose six and you will know which of them is like you , let's see who you are in my books !

do you want to know how you are , now you will know , characters are incredible now you can find out which carachter is like you .

Created by: Katherine
  1. Boy or girl ?
  2. teen (over 13) or adult (over 27) or child (12 or under) ?
  3. You are like.....
  4. what kind if friends do you have ?
  5. what kind of person you are ?
  6. what about marks , you use to have:
  7. hair style:
  8. your fear is ...
  9. something bad that I don't to be ever real
  10. hobby ?

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Quiz topic: Which book caracter am I ?