What Dragon Outcast character are you?

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The book 'Dragon Outcast' book 3 of the Age of Fire series by E.E Knight contains some amazing draconic personae and their traits are unique. They each have flaws aswell.

Are you one of these? Do you have the qualities of one of these dragons. Thanks to this quiz which I used the book for help with, you can now find out. Good Luck

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  1. You see a man riding a dragon flying towards you. What do you think/do?
  2. You see your younger clutchmate at the griffaran perches from Black Rock and the chief griffaran brings him to you and asks what he should do with him. What is your reply?
  3. You watch as the DrakWatch go to the bath and shove a mud and blood covered young drake out the way and leap into the clear water and yell "Dirtiest last or you'll dirty the water for the rest of us!" What do you do?
  4. The Tyr is found dead in his chamber and his late son's mate asks you to the Ankelene Hill for an unknown reason. Do you go?
  5. You are lounging in Anea with the FireMaidens/DrakWatch(depending on your gender) when a bat messenger comes and hands you a scroll with the words 'Bant defeated. All praise Hebellereth. Return to the Lavadome at once.' What do you do?
  6. A challenge is going on in the pits and you see NoSohoth and another Skotl clan dragon slip out of the crowd warily and exit the arena, you follow. What do you do?
  7. You are being held captive by some dwarves who have just finished beating you with iron rods and leave you alone. The rods have broken one of the weights on the net. Do you try and escape?
  8. What colour is your hide(scales)?
  9. You find a large selection of rare gemstones in the abandoned dwarf mines. What one do you take?
  10. Your Halfling runs away on you in the midst of a battle. Do you track him down?
  11. Last question YAY. You are lying in your cave when Rethothanna, the Ankelene historian asks you the part of your history you want sang at the banquet. What do you pick?

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Quiz topic: What Dragon Outcast character am I?