What Dragon Family Do You Belong To?

Do you believe in dragons? Do you sometimes wish that you were a dragon? Do you ever wonder what type of dragon you would be? In just a few minutes, you will answer that final question, thanks to this quiz. I will also make another quiz called "What Dragon Family Do You Belong To Part 2", where you can end up as a different, ultra-powerful dragon!

There are different dragon families- one for each color of the rainbow- and each family has a different power. There are also hybrid dragons (not included in this quiz), whose parents come from different families, giving the baby dragon both types of powers! So, what are you waiting for? Start taking this quiz, and find out which dragon family you belong in!

Created by: Jenna D.
  1. If you were a dragon, where would you like to live the most?
  2. Which power would you like to have the most?
  3. Which is your favorite color from the ones listed below?
  4. What type of wings would you want if you were a dragon?
  5. Which trait best describes your personality?
  6. What name would you want to be your dragon name?
  7. Which would you rather eat as a dragon?
  8. Pick a face.
  9. Pick a symbol.
  10. Choose the quote that you would be most likely to say.

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Quiz topic: What Dragon Family do I Belong To?