what dragon you r?

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Yo! Here are unique dragons and not common like fire or water dragon, very different ones! That isn't a problem! If you don't like your result, sorry, try again.

IMPORTANT: no bullying or rude, disrespectful comments on my quizzes even if you don't like the quiz! I hope you like my quiz and try and like the score!

Created by: DinosaurDragon
  1. what's YOUR diet?
  2. What animal you most looks like?
  3. What's YOUR favorite sport?
  4. In the majority of your body, the color is
  5. What's your dragon eye color?
  6. What humans think you are?
  7. What is your human owner name? (The your dragon trainer)
  8. What's YOUR favorite song?
  9. Whats your dragon size?
  10. What is your behavior?
  11. What is your power?

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