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It is not well known, but Harry was meant for Hermione! However, Ron attempted to use the Imperius curse to marry her instead. In the prequel, [no urls] you managed to save Hermione from this fate (if not, you need to try again :).) Years later, Harry marries Hermione and has a single daughter, Rose. However, Ron has returned to extract his revenge!

Play has the titular character, Harry Potter, as you guide him and his actions in his quest to save his family from the clutches of Ron! Choose your actions carefully, because if you take too long, or do things that are too dangerous, you may fail to save them! ==Note: This story can get text-heavy==

Created by: Al Mond
  1. You realize that Ron must have kidnapped Hermione. You must choose a place to look for him!
  2. On your way there, you encounter a guard Filch patrolling the hallways!
  3. When you finally arrive, you see Crabbe and Goyle guarding the entrance...
  4. You overhear some students talking about some weird activity outside Hogwarts, near the Forbidden Forest
  5. Outside of the school, you notice a chopping noise, and some bright lights. As the source gets closer, you identify it to be a military helicopter. You see Ron standing on the side, manning a machine gun. "Harry, give up now! I will kill you if you don't!"
  6. You manage to escape to Hagrid's hut. You furiously bang on the door, desperate to get in before Ron reloads his weaponry. Hagrid answers: "What's in it fah me?" What do you tell him?
  7. Hagrid lets you inside his hut. You stare into the darkness - Hagrid was sleeping and didn't have any candles lit- the door closes with a thud behind you. Suddenly, the walls of the room set ablaze - the hut is on fire! You look about, and see that Hagrid has somehow escaped, maybe through a secret exit... You've been set up!
  8. You escape the hut, and see Hagrid's silhouette by the Forbidden Forest! You also see Ron's attack copter hovering around the entrance to Hogwarts. What do you do?
  9. You finally reach the entrance to Ron's evil "Third-Wheel" base. How will you enter?
  10. You find yourself face-to-face with Ronald Weasley himself! Choose the move to attack Ron with!
  11. Ron dodges your attack, and casts "Expelliarmus" on you. "How does it feel, Harry," Ron taunts," being beaten with your signature move?" You quickly decide to attack fast while Ron is gloating.

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