Which Potter boy should Hermione have ended up with?

Harry Potter was the greatest book the world has seen [at least to the fans]. It did what Twilight, The Hunger Games, I am Number 4, Percy Jackson never did [although these books are also good], although all were promised to be "the next Harry Potter." It became a phenomena.

The largest female role in the series was the bookish Hermione Granger, and as the series unwound itself, their was much speculation as to who she would end up with. Even now, when we know the answer, the world of imagination and fanfiction keeps these dreams of Hermione and her couples alive. This quiz does not, could not encapsulate every possible couple. It does not pretend to. However, enjoy!

Created by: Issy
  1. Hermione would suit a [insert adjective here] boy.
  2. Would Hermione prefer a boy that was the same or different to her?
  3. Would Hermione prefer a boy who she could have, or a hard-to-get type?
  4. Would Hermione be prepared to date inter-houses?
  5. Would Hermione be prepared to accept a person who had changed?
  6. Would Hermione's dream boy be:
  7. Choose a word for Hermione's guy.
  8. Is Hermione predictable or not.
  9. Hermione loves -
  10. A colour for a boy -

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