Ultimate "oddness"-o-meter!

Are you what people call "odd" these days? Maybe you have weird obsessions, or maybe you're more of an '80s person. Remember, what people call "odd" isn't bad!

Welcome to the ultimate oddness-o-meter! Are you "odd" or are you "normal?" I wonder... Post your results in the comments! I want to know! Unless you're doing this quiz four or more years in the future.

Created by: zeldacrafter0111

  1. Do you like older video games?
  2. Do you like Rock 'n' Roll? If you do, what type?
  3. What is your MBTI results? I need to know!
  4. What's your favorite color? ( No, I don't need the color, I need the reaction )
  5. Are you a bit like Axl Rose? Be honest.
  6. Are you obsessed with personality quiz results? ( I am! )
  7. Do you consider yourself normal?
  8. Based on the last questions, do you think I'm "odd?"
  9. Why do you have friends?
  10. Do you like taking quizzes?

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