Who is your Harry Potter enemy?

This quiz will determine who your enemy is if you went to hogwarts/when you go to hogwarts. I hope you have fun! Remember not to take it too seriously ;)

This quiz isn't finished, it's getting late where I am and I'm a bit to tired to keep going since 15 questions can take up to 4 hours to set up. But hey at least there's lots of options

Created by: SwishSwishVixx

  1. What house are you?
  2. Which word best describes you?
  3. Which of these qualities do you hate the most?
  4. Who is the best Hogwarts professor?
  5. Who is the worst hogwarts professor? (That you would admit to hating)
  6. Who would be your best friend at hogwarts out of these people?
  7. What would your Boggart be?
  8. Which would you rather be?
  9. Which of these books/articles would you pick up at a local bookshop on your hogsmeade field trip?
  10. Which hogsmeade shop would you rather visit?
  11. Would you join Dumbledore's Army, or the Inquisitorial Squad?
  12. Trust...
  13. This quiz isn't finished, it will be soon though ;)

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Quiz topic: Who is my Harry Potter enemy?