Do You Pronounce Things the Same Way I Do?

Do you pronounce things the same way I do? I pronounce like one word bit different than other people around me, I've noticed, but the different pronunciations of 'mayonnaise' is hardly something to fight over.

I live in Nebraska in the Midwest, so I might pronounce things different than you. You might think me crazy for pronunciating something like I do, but oh well.

Created by: dragonsfire
  1. Do you say 'data' with a long or short 'a'?
  2. Do you say 'lever' with a long or short 'e'?
  3. How do you say 'comfortable '?
  4. How do you say 'aluminum'?
  5. How do you say 'caramel'?
  6. How so you say 'envelope '?
  7. How do you say 'pajamas'?
  8. How do you pronounce 'tour'?
  9. Do you say 'cot' and 'caught' the same way?
  10. How do you pronounce 'aunt'?
  11. How do you say 'pecan'?
  12. How do you say 'mayonnaise '?
  13. How do you pronounce 'groceries'?
  14. How do you say 'museum'?
  15. How do you say 'mischevous'?
  16. How do you say 'coupon'?
  17. How do you say 'handkerchief '?
  18. How do you say 'realtor'?
  19. How do you say 'roof'?
  20. How do you say 'route'?
  21. How do you pronounce Nevada?

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Quiz topic: Do I Pronounce Things the Same Way I Do?