How Well Do You Know Aspatria

There are many smart people, but few as smart as one from Spyatree. Try this fun quiz and see if you are one of the elite. Don't worry if you score badly.

Thanks for taking part. I hope it evoked some memories. Just remember if your from Spyatree be loud and proud and have fun with outsiders trying to pronounce ASPATRIA

Created by: Brian Charters
  1. Which Humble Pie guitarist was born in Aspatria
  2. Complete the following saying. Spyatree...........
  3. The famous artist, Sheila Fell, lived on which Street in Aspatria
  4. Larma Ltd made lingerie and nightwear but what else did they make
  5. Which famous Workington Town RL Player briefly coached Aspatria Hornets.
  6. The remains of a Viking warrior were discovered on Beacon Hill. What was NOT found in his grave
  7. Aspatria rugby legend Bob Hanvey enthralled his audience at which University
  8. In which year did M Hackney and co become 'Sealy'
  9. Bill & Moira ran which pub in Aspatria
  10. What is Gill Gooden

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Aspatria